Munger Chadwick P.L.C. (Attorneys at Law)

            The law firm of Munger and Munger P.L.C. was founded in 1977 by John F. Munger and Clark W. Munger. In 1997, Clark Munger was appointed to serve as a Superior Court Judge and Mark E. Chadwick was named as a partner in the firm. The firm name changed to Munger Chadwick P.L.C.

            Munger Chadwick P.L.C. provides high quality legal services comparable to those of the finest law firms in the United States. However, the law firm prides itself on personal service which a smaller firm can best provide. The firm's clients have included some of the largest companies in the world, as well as medium-sized and small firms operating only in Tucson.

            The practice focuses on U.S., as well as international, business, commercial, corporate and real estate development, zoning and construction law, commercial and general civil litigation, international law, water, utilities, administrative, municipal, employment, immigration, collections law, insurance law, insurance defense appeals and lobbying. The firm is very active in lobbying at the local, state and federal levels; as such, the firm is multi-dimensional, and capable of solving problems for clients in all branches of government in a broad array of areas.

            Munger Chadwick P.L.C. is one of Tucson’s oldest and most prestigious law firms.


Tapia, Robles, Cabrera y Moreno S.C. © Attorneys-at-Law
Boulevard Miguel Hidalgo 64, Colonia Centenario, Hermosillo, Sonora, Mexico 83260
Phone 52 (662) 212 7918, 213 4710, 212 2728, 212 7770, 212 7989
Fax 52 (662) 217 2967

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